About Codignify

Codignify address your needs of quality and affordability for customized, scalable and easy-to-access E-Commerce services by applying the best technologies with care.

UI/UX Design

Fancy and modern UI/UX design which gives end-users the best experience. This would also result in high conversion rate.

High Performance

High-scalable, reliable and secure systems which serve more than one million active users smoothly. We optimized from the beginning while still guaranteed the project deadline


High level of protection and the reliability of customer data. Security is the major aspect that we designed and planned in the early phase.

Quality Of Our Services

There is magic in what we do

Privacy and Security

Codignify focuses on the customer data protection and the reliability of the service. Therefore, security is the major aspect that we designed and planned in the early phase.


High Speed and Accuracy

Our applications are fast and reliable as we apply a variety of top services and libraries. The magic lies on the way we integrate them together in order to serve millions of users at the same time.


Easy Integration

We have more than 10 years integrating with hundreds of international services including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Stripe, M-Pesa, Slack, NewRelic. In addition, we have been working with many top Vietnam companies such as Viettel, EMS, MB, Zalo...



A hardworking, responsible, creative team who always strikes for the best answer and never stops without the customers’ satisfaction. We are addicted to the perfection, however, speed is preferred sometimes. Our support service mode is always ON as we want our products 100% functional


UI/UX Design

Codignify supports fancy and modern UI/UX design which gives end-users the best experience. This would also result in high conversion rate.


Web Architecture

A good system needs a great architecture design from the beginning, that must be easy to scale, secure and easy bug tracking.



Diversity of clients
E-commerce websites as our main focus
Our clients are pioneers at using 4.0 technology

Meet the Team

Codignify is a group of talented developers who have been working for the top companies in Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, USA.

Self-learning, creativity and responsibility are our pre-defined characters.

Hoa Vu
A Python/ Django Professional, who has been working for many multi-national projects for more than 5 years, is also a Toptaler. He is a good listener, co-ordinator, and a great leader. He loves reading & researching. His favorite sport is football.
Trang Nguyen
A reliable & self-motivated web developer. His exceptional work flow, skills, creativity & understanding of change requests make the projects grow really fast. Trang is ready to deal with difficult situations & solve problems on time. After 10 years experience, PHP is his blood. To him, working is relaxing.
Khoa Nguyen
DevOps Expert
He is a professional Dev-Op with more than 6 years experience, he has been working for big companies including BIDV, VCCorp. He is also a senior Python/ Django developer. Application monitoring seems to be boring in general, however , he makes it fun & interesting with some coding & hacky tools. Khoa loves playing sports and reading books.
Hien Tran
Full-Stack Developer
A full-stack developer who has a huge potential. He is self-motivated and easily grabs new technologies & skills. Without a computer , his life has no meaning. Hien loves cats. He likes spending time alone, watching TV and playing sudoku.
Huong Le
Account Manager
Degrees in Journalism & Business Management Studying & working in New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore & Vietnam. Was a senior support specialist for TripAdvisor for business owners in Asia Pacific. Working with Huong is a pleasure for our clients. Huong loves traveling.
Tuan Nguyen
A nerd, who has three Master degrees in KTH (Sweden), IST (Portugal) and VNU (Vietnam), is a Machine learning researcher. He is also the co-founder of some fast growing startups. He loves spending time with his kids and has a keen interest in photography.

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