Technology Consulting

In the reality of never-ending technology innovation
There is a must of having a technical partner/advisor to build up a strategy to sort out all hi-tech problems.
This becomes more vital due to new threats of infectious disease as Covid-19.

Our Skills

Your company will be empowered with our technology consulting services in order to steer your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility.

Technical skills

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap
Backend: Python/Django, PHP/Laravel, NodeJS/Express
Mobile: Swift, Object-C, Java, Kotlin


Communication skills

A good listener
Be proactive
Be responsible
Be respectful with customers
Be responsive when needed


Business skills

Marketing, sales and customer service
Project management and planning.
Problem solving


Management skills

Data analysis
Project planning
Method consulting
Timely decision


What we do

What we do
  • Present strategies and experience to clients
  • Develop and provide solutions
  • Bring new system and monitor
  • Review organization performance in different metrics
  • Involve in sales support, maintaining contact with clients
  • Understand how technology impact different departments of the organization
Consulting areas
  • Software development
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Security consulting
  • Recovery plan
  • Globalization


Diversity of clients
E-commerce websites as our main focus
Our clients are pioneers at using 4.0 technology


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