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Web Architecture

A good system needs a good architecture design from the beginning, that must be easy to scale, secure and easy bug tracking.


Codignify supports fancy and modern UI/UX design which gives end-users the best experience. This would also result in high conversion rate.


Codignify focuses on the customer data protection and the reliability of the service. Therefore, security is the major aspect that we designed and planned in the early phase.

High Performance

We built high-scalable, reliable and secure systems which serve more than one million active users smoothly. We optimized from the beginning while still guaranteed the project deadline.

Automation/Unit Test

Automation test is a must in our projects. This would be a bit difficult and slow from the beginning but it would guarantee the reliability and security of the project in a long term.

Clean Code

We never negotiate with a messy function/code. Refactoring is a must of every change, this keeps our code base clean. High quality means good reputation.


Diversity of clients
E-commerce websites as our main focus
Our clients are pioneers at using 4.0 technology




  • HTML5 & CSS 5
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Django Customization
  • UI/UX
  • Custom Admin Dashboard